Sewer Repair in Simpsonville, SC

In a Recently Dug Trench, Sewer Services are in Process

Strong and Capable Sewer Services

Repairing a sewer line requires skill, dexterity, and expertise. Since 1992, Duckett Plumber has been providing exemplary sewer services for Simpsonville, SC. Every plumbing company should have the same drive to create optimal solutions as we do. It is our commitment to good customer service that separates us from our competition. Once we have investigated and evaluated a plumbing problem, we utilize high-quality tools and materials to unclog, fix, and repair the relevant pipelines. When water flows, unencumbered, through a line, we can then rest assured knowing that we have done our job. While a clogged or broken sewer line can cause great distress for a homeowner, our quality sewer solutions have the exact opposite effect. Please give one of our team members a call at 864-209-9360 to schedule an appointment to relieve your drains and sewer line today. 

Sewer Line Cleaning for Your Pipelines

There are many things that can impact a sewer line. Chief among them are clogs. Clogs can result from intrusive tree roots and items flushed down the toilet that belong in the trash. Additionally, old and corroded pipelines experience diminished water pressure, further impacting the ability to maneuver these items into the sewer. While many factors such as age and rust are unavoidable, homeowners should avoid flushing anything but toilet paper and waste down their toilet. Even items such as baby wipes, which are advertised as flushable, should not be flushed. Regardless, the members of our company are very experienced at removing these items from pipelines. Please contact us at 864-209-9360 if you are experiencing any problems with your sewer line.

Efficient Sewer Line Replacement

Over time, pipelines degrade, and so does the ability for water and waste to be delivered inside and outside of your home. For older homes that have not had repiping services, pipelines can be especially vulnerable to pipe bursts and corrosion. Common causes of sewer pipe damage include broken or ruptured pipes, older pipe corrosion, leaking joints, tree root infiltration, and clogs caused by flushing items that cannot be flushed. In the kitchen, it is important for homeowners to always avoid pouring grease down the drain. Once the grease cools off, it hardens and sticks to pipes, leaking to sewer line clogs. Make sure to keep your pipes free and clear in order to maximize the time between visits from Duckett Plumber.

Sewer Services for Property

Qualified Sewer Repair

At Duckett Plumber, we always seek to find the best plumbing solution for our customers. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is by using our high-quality tools to investigate the source of the problem. Once we have deduced what needs to be done, we then find the most affordable and effective fix for the homeowner. In addition to bringing our knowledge to the table, we also bring our manpower. We will go to great lengths to dig deep into the earth, beneath the concrete slab, and repair sewer lines whenever it is necessary. Throughout sewer line replacement, we remove earth, replace lines, and then return the earth to whence it came, resealing the concrete slab. Throughout this process, we strive for a clean work environment, minimizing the impact of sewer line repair for the home.

Are Your Sewer Pipelines Corroded?

If one or more of the following signs have been witnessed in your home, it may be time to schedule a consultation with one of our plumbers at Duckett Plumber.

  • Your drains are running slowly. If two or more drains in your home are not functioning quickly and efficiently, it’s time to start truly evaluating your plumbing system. Over-the-counter drain solutions are ineffective and toxic. Cleaning or repairing your sewer line may be the key.
  • Sewage backing up. If you flush your toilet and water backs up in the tub or shower, this is always a bad sign. When the sewer line is clogged, the water can’t go down the drain, so instead, it flows back up the pipes and comes down at the lowest point. The lowest point is usually the shower drain.
  • Several plumbing fixtures are clogged at the same time. If multiple plumbing fixtures are experiencing clogged, it is highly likely that the problem is related.

When you need sewer repair in Simpsonville, SC that you can rely on, call Duckett Plumber first at 864-209-9360. Your sewer repair is in good hands with our professional experts.